About The Author

I try to be an inspirational writer and convey what I think are the moments in life that matter the most. My goal is to put love into words that will help people connect on a deeper level.

After finishing high school, my father wanted me to study to be a doctor, but I wasn’t interested in following that path, When I came to America, I changed my major and later started my own business.

Writing was a hobby that I had never considered a profession. When I imagine characters and scenarios and then create them through writing, it heals me and fills my heart with peace.

Since childhood, I have loved nature and all of the mysteries of the spiritual world. Some incredibly special people came into my life and inspired me to write Ragni.

One example of an extraordinary story came from my aunt, the elder sister of my mother. She died in her thirties, visited heaven for an entire week of our time, and returned back to life on the earth with a very interesting story.

My aunt’s story was incredible in its own right, but there were more fascinating encounters in my life that led me to the path I am on now. I met a beautiful young woman with natural gifts similar to the premonitions and dreams Ragni has in the story. And I also had a previous employee who, since their childhood, had the psychic ability to predict future events that actually happened. These, and other encounters, led me to write the kind of stories that I hope will inspire people to find the true meaning of why we are here and fill the world with hope and love.

Therefore, the spiritual aspects, and certain parts of the history, featured in Ragni are non-fiction.

Thank you for reading Ragni. I hope you enjoyed it and that it brings the same wonder and peace to you that writing it gave me.

Amarjit Singh